The EGYM strength training circuit introduces new opportunities to help members reach their fitness goals.

Workouts Made Just for You.

EGYM’s smart workouts offer you a truly personalized, interactive and motivating workout experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

And this is how it works:

Smart Onboarding to EGYM Fitness Hub

Smart onboarding with Fitness Hub assesses all your health data in just 2 minutes. Afterward, all connected EGYM machines, including Smart Strength and Smart Cardio, are automatically preset correctly for you.



Start Your Workout

In Auto Mode, choose the workout program that fits your fitness goals or, as an Expert, choose your custom routine and get started with your workout right away!

See and Measure Your Progress

All your workout progress and results are automatically tracked by our gym app and can be viewed at any time in the app for on Fitness Hub. EGYM BioAge measures even small progress and shows your every little success long before you see it in the mirror.

Top 10 Reasons to Use EGYM

ONE. It’s Cutting Edge. The most advanced strength training machines available. You are one of the first to get this advanced technology.

TWO. Easy. Members don’t have to remember weights or settings. It also automatically adjusts to the member’s settings. Easy for team members to setup.

THREE. Insightful. Members get strength assessments, BioAge and muscle imbalance testing. Trainers can use that information to recommend personal training when appropriate.

FOUR. Safe. Nearly touchless experience with changeover timing in circuit allowing for social distance.

FIVE. Connected. Works with cardio equipment and automatically tracks workouts.

SIX. Fun! It’s like a video game and distracts members from the hard work they’re doing.

SEVEN. Effective. Offers customized, advanced workout prescription for the 90% who will never work with a personal trainer. Progresses as they get stronger, backs off if they miss some workouts and lose some strength.

EIGHT. Quick. Members can get a full body workout in about 20 minutes.

NINE. Social. Members socialize while on the circuit, increasing engagement.

TEN. Engaging. Team members can see how members are doing and engage with them based on their progress and imbalances. Team members can position outcome based personal training and then test their results.

Discover Your BioAge

What is BioAge?
EGYM’s BioAge is a simple-to-understand but meaningful metric. It uses millions of data points from other EGYM users to show how you compare to the typical values for your age. Your BioAge indicates whether you’re on the right track, highlights your potential to improve and recognizes your progress!

The World is Getting Smarter. Can Your Workouts Keep Up?

Smart phone. Smart home. Smart workouts?
Our lives are getting smarter; why aren’t our workouts? Now you can experience smart workouts tailored specifically to you, where you see even small improvements and that are simply fun. Grab your EGYM wristband, and get started today. Only at the Y!