The World is Smarter. Can Your Workouts Keep Up?

EGYM is a cutting-edge circuit training system that leverages smart technology and sophisticated learning algorithms to track, analyze and customize a fitness regimen specific to individual users. Whether you’re a novice or a fitness junkie, EGYM adjusts to you, and workouts become more precise in the development of strength, flexibility, metabolism and cardio health. This process is super-efficient, too; you can finish a full-body workout in as little as 22 minutes.

EGYM doesn’t focus your efforts on weight loss, cardio or the latest fitness fad. It’s built around BioAge, a more all-encompassing metric calculated using millions of data points from users around the world. Whenever you complete an EGYM workout, the system recalculates your BioAge by measuring your performance vs. that of others in your real age group. And you see everything in real time on your smart device!

Don’t worry about free weights or equipment adjustments; each EGYM machine is recalibrated just for you at every use. Then, it’s this simple: you move each machine to keep a “dot” within defined parameters on the video screen (it kind of looks like playing Pac-Man!) as EGYM controls the speed and resistance. You never wonder if you’re using the right machine, doing the right exercises or doing the exercises correctly!

EGYM is only at the YMCA, and it’s included in every Y membership at no extra cost.


Top Five Reasons to Use EGYM

Efficient. Get a full body workout in as little as 22 minutes.

Simple. Each workout is customized to you, so there’s no need to remember weights or settings.

Effective. Workouts progress as you get stronger and back off if you miss workouts and lose some strength.

Connected. Track your progress and see results in real time.

Fun! Video game-like operation distracts from the hard work you’re doing!