Annual Reporting

We missed your smiles. 


2021 was the year that showed the world how resilient we could be as the Pandemic evolved and more people received vaccinations. We saw mask mandates disappear and smiles return to our corridors as members and program participants were greeted with new environments, new furniture, new equipment and new friends. The need for social connectedness, after being so isolated for so long, was apparent. The return to a more normal state reminded people that the YMCA is about helping one another become our best selves in a safe environment. It could be the families that are able to work and develop a better future because they have peace-of-mind that their kids are well taken care of in the Y’s child care programs. It could be the pickleball players enjoying some coffee after a morning match, or it could be a lap swimmer interacting with fellow swimmers in the locker room before or after their swim. No matter what brings people to the Y, they are sure to be welcomed for their contribution to making it a better place.


With appreciation,

Mark Westover

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