More mobile, more friendly!

  • Quick check-in at the Y
  • Facility schedules for gyms, pools and workout child care
  • Drop-in group exercise classes
  • Program registration
  • Track your workouts
  • Seamlessly connect to wearables like Apple Watch, Fitbit, MapMyFitness, and more
  • Receive direct notification of facility, class and other schedule changes (i.e. weather closures)


How do I find the app?
Our app is available in the App Store and Google Play. Search “YMCA of Dane County”, and choose our app, identified by  a white Y logo on a square, purple background. Update or install to ensure that you have the current version. Please note: the second YMCA of Dane County app that your search will produce, ID’d by a blue and purple Y logo on a white background, is now obsolete, and we recommend deleting it. (Apple | Android)

What is an xID?
Your xID is a universal sign-in for connected Matrix fitness equipment and our new mobile app. It is the combination of a numeric ID (many people use their phone numbers) and a four-digit passcode. Register or sign in with your xID on available Matrix equipment, and your workout is automatically tracked in the app.

Where do I set up my xID?
The easiest place to set up your xID is on the mobile app home screen. You can also complete set up at

I currently use the YMCA of Dane County Netpulse app. Do I need to download the new version?
No. The app may update automatically, or you may have to find the app in the app store and update manually.

Feel free to ask any of our Y staff