Hello All,

This may be an unusual salutation, but none more fitting than for the Y. Our mission statement ends with, “for all.” There is a former UW-Madison graduate student by the name of Maslow that developed a hierarchy of needs. When I look at the hierarchy, it amazes me that our members and program participants fall into each category and look to the Y to help them meet their needs. For some, the Y addresses their basic needs like food and safety. For others, the Y meets their psychological needs through the development of friendships and a sense of accomplishment. Ultimately, we work to help everyone grow to meet their self-fulfillment needs.

YMCAs are built by the communities and for the communities they serve. I would like to thank all of the people and corporations that invested in the Y to help build a better community. Findorff, Hallman Lindsay Paints and Johnson Health Tech/Matrix were our signature sponsors for 2018, and the Y had hundreds of people that donated to help us be available for all. The business model of the Y also helps by using revenue streams from membership and program fees to supplement the costs associated with our facilities, administrative costs and overhead. This enables donated dollars to go further by being used directly to help people in our community.

Despite the generosity of our community, the YMCA of Dane County has had its fair share of struggles. We lost a large amount of money last year as the needs of the community continued to grow. Through improved staffing, cost reduction and increased revenues, we are on the right path to realizing an increase in net assets. With finances stabilized, we are better able to focus on increased impact in the communities we serve.

This impact will result not only from the direct efforts of the Y but also through collaborative efforts with partner agencies in the community. Partners like Second Harvest, Access Community Health, Group Health Cooperative and Rush Soccer. It will also happen because of the generosity of our community. Please consider donating to help keep the Y available to all.


Mark Westover