Dear Community Members,

The pandemic that we all experienced in 2020 and beyond has been a magnifying event that amplified what was and wasn’t working. It clearly showed that our YMCA works incredibly well to meet the needs of our community. We were disheartened when we had to close our doors, but we didn’t close our hearts.

As you will see in this report, the Y’s efforts played a critical part in keeping essential workers available to serve our community. The Y was steadfast in providing children’s programs to minimize the impact of the pandemic on their social and emotional growth. I am proud of the work done by the team at the Y, and we appreciate the support provided by so many that assisted our efforts.

Thank you to the members that stayed with the Y even though many of them were afraid to utilize our programs and services. We are a great gym and swim, and we have great members that enable us to be so much more for our community. Thank you to the people that donated money, time or both to help us serve the community. 

Delivering programs is a complex challenge that requires a great deal of support. Thank you to partners that helped us deliver better outcomes in the community, including the Sun Prairie Neighborhood Navigators, Community Schools of Sun Prairie, Madison Metropolitan School District, MSCR, the Red Cross, Second Harvest and Epic Systems.

The old joke, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help,” wasn’t a joke this year. The government was a critical partner. Special thanks to Public Health Madison & Dane County and the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families whose guidance was integral to keeping the children in our care safe.

In spite of the negative economic impact the pandemic had on the Y, we still invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to improve our facilities and program delivery by creating more comfortable spaces for members and program participants to become their best selves. I saw a statistic stating that the average American gained 1.5 pounds per month, or 18 pounds, during COVID. The Y is here to help with that, too. I personally invite you to join us; we are open for business.

With appreciation,

Mark Westover