We are expanding our food program so that everyone will have a healthy meal. Find a healthy meal here:

11:30 am-12:30 pm | Monday-Friday 3:30-4:30 pm | Monday-Friday
Ages 18 and Younger
  • Lunch for the current day and breakfast for the following morning in a brown bag
  • Any child up to age 18 can come to one of these sites and receive a meal. The child has to be present to receive the meal. A parent can not say they have children at home and take meals for them. The child MUST be in the car or at the site.
  • Bags will be distributed for the child to take home in a walk up or drive through method.

All Ages

  • Meal for the day
  • Drive through method


VFW Parking Lot Lussier Family East YMCA
Boys & Girls Club Lussier Family West YMCA
Element on Main Apartments Sun Prairie YMCA
Rolling Prairie Apartments  
Sun Prairie Community  
Madison Community  















Brown Bag Lunch Includes:
Cheese stick 
Apple slices
1% Milk

Breakfast for the following day Includes:
1% Milk