Swim the English Channel, bike the Swiss Alps, run across Ireland or combine them to create your own European triathlon. It’s our 2020 fitness challenge, and it starts in March and lasts the rest of the year at the Sun Prairie YMCA. Push it to the limit!

Swim the English Channel:

  • Isle of Portland to Lyme Regis, United Kingdom (25 miles)
  • Folkestone, United Kingdom to Calais, France (50)
  • Weymouth to Guernsey Island, United Kingdom (100)
  • Jersey Island to Penzance, United Kingdom (200)

Bike the Swiss Alps:

  • Salzburg, Germany to Zurich, Switzerland (300)
  • Luxembourg, Germany to Naples, Italy (900)
  • Triest, Slovenia to St. Petersburg, Russia (1,500)
  • Florence, Italy to Antwerp, Belgium to Barcelona, Spain (1,700)

Run Ireland, England, Italy or Lithuania:

  • Dublin to Dundalk, Ireland (50)
  • Ashington to Edinburgh, England (100)
  • Rome to Naples, Italy (150)
  • Klaipeda to Vilnius, Lithuania (200)

Beginner Triathlon (1,397 total miles):

  • Swim Paris to Saint-Quentin, France (100 miles); Bike Liège, Belgium to Kiev, Ukraine (1,247); Run Saint-Quentin, France to Liège, Belgium (150).

Advanced Triathlon (1,806 total miles):

  • Swim Brussels, Belgium to Amsterdam, Netherlands (150); Bike Amsterdam, Netherlands to Venice, Italy to Wrocław, Poland (1,500); Run Wrocław to Częstochowa, Poland (156).

Track Your Progress!
Record your biking and running miles on tracking sheets in the fitness center; record swimming miles on tracking sheets in our pool.

Win Prizes!

  • Swim, Bike or Run: Complete your challenge, and win two guest passes
  • Triathlon: Complete your challenge, and win a free one-month adult membership